Taiwan Visa

If you’re thinking of visiting Taiwan, you may need to get a Taiwan visa beforehand.

Taiwan, which is officially known as the Republic Of China, is a country in East Asia. It is an island with an area of 35,808 square kilometers (13,826 square miles) and a population upwards of 23.7 million.

Its capital, Taipei, is considered a global city as well as the political, educational, economic, and cultural center of the country. This is why many wrongly refer the visa for Taiwan as a “Taipei visa” – however, the two are one and the same.

This article will answer some of the most common questions regarding Taiwan visas, including who needs one, the application procedure, and requirements.

Who Needs a Visa for Taiwan?

Nationals of most countries need to apply for a visa for Taiwan.

Taiwan has signed visa-waiver agreements with several countries, allowing nationals of those countries visa-free entrance to Taiwan for short-trips (up to 90 days). This means that nationals of all EU and EFTA member states, the US, Australia, Japan, and many other countries do not have to apply for a Visitor Visa before traveling to Taiwan.

Even so, visa-exemptions may not apply if you were born in mainland China (PRC), Hong Kong or Macau.

Taiwan Visa Types

The two main types of visa for Taiwan are:

  • Taiwan Visitor Visa (for short stays)
  • Taiwan Resident Visa (for long stays)

Taiwan Visitor Visa

The Visitor Visa for Taiwan is for short-term stays of up to 90 days. The Taiwanese Visitor Visa is issued for tourism, social visit, business, attending conferences and events, and other approved purposes that do not require taking up paid employment or obtaining an additional permit.

It can also be issued for single- and multiple-entries and for a duration of three to five years.

Taiwan Resident Visa

The Taiwan Resident Visa is for foreigners who wish to live in Taiwan for longer than 90 days for a specific purpose, such as working or studying. As such Taiwan Resident Visas are divided into the following:

  • Taiwan Work Visa issued to foreigners who want to take up paid employment in a Taiwanese company. In addition to the work visa, they will also need a work permit.
  • Taiwan Student Visa, for foreigners who wish to pursue their studies in a Taiwanese educational institution. Before applying, they must already be accepted in a school/university in Taiwan.
  • Taiwan Family Reunification Visa, for foreign nationals who want to join a family member (spouse, parent, or child) who is a Taiwanese resident.
  • Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa issued to foreign nationals who want to set up a business in Taiwan. It is the Taiwanese government’s effort to attract foreign entrepreneurs to engage in Taiwan’s economy.
  • Taiwan Working Holidays Visa, which is issued to young people (students or recent graduates) aged 18-30 from countries which have a Working Holiday Scheme established with Taiwan. It allows youngsters to work in Taiwan for up to 1 year.
  • Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa, issued to foreign digital nomads who want to work remotely from Taiwan.

After you arrive in Taiwan with a Resident visa, you must apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and a Re-entry Permit at a local office of the National Immigration Agency (NIA) within 15 days.

Is There an Online Taiwan Visa?

Yes, an eVisa for Taiwan is available, but only to nationals of the following countries:

  • Bahrain
  • Burkina Faso
  • Colombia
  • Dominica
  • Ecuador
  • Kiribati
  • Kuwait
  • Mauritius
  • Montenegro
  • Oman
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Solomon Islands
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates.

Additionally, nationals of the following countries are also eligible for the Taiwan eVisa if they will be traveling with a tourist group under “Project for Simplifying Visa Regulations for High-end Group Tourists from Southeast Asian Countries”:

  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Vietnam

If you are from one of the following countries and will conduct business in Taiwan with a recommendation by the local offices of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), you may also apply for a Taiwan eVisa:

  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • India
  • Iran
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka

The Taiwan eVisa is only for short-term stays (tourism, business, visits, etc) and only for up to 90 days. You cannot apply to extend it or convert it into a long-stay visa.

You may apply here. The application processing time is shorter and you do not have to present yourself at any Taiwanese diplomatic mission.

If your application is approved, you have to print the eVisa and present it at the immigration checkpoint once you arrive in Taiwan.

What Are the Taiwan Visa Requirements?

When you apply for a Taiwan visa, you must submit several supporting documents, such as:

  • Your passport or other travel documents, which must be valid for at least another six months from the date of entry, since Taiwan applies the “six/three-month passport validity” rule.
  • The printed Taiwan Visa Application Form
  • Two passport-sized pictures
  • A return/onward flight or ferry ticket, which proves you intend to leave after your stay in Taiwan is over.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover the duration of your stay
  • Proof of payment of the Taiwan visa fee
  • Any additional documents based on the purpose of your visit, such as:
    • A letter from your current employer, if traveling for business
    • Invitation letter from your relatives in Taiwan along with proof of relationship, if travelling for a social visit

*Detailed list of the Taiwan visa requirements.

How Can I Obtain a Taiwan Visa?

You must apply for a Taiwan visa in person as a Taiwanese diplomatic mission in your region. If there is no Taiwanese diplomatic mission in your country, you should submit your documents to the nearest one.  However, before you submit the application in person, you must fill in a Taiwan visa application form online. The application process for a Taiwan visa is as follows:

  • Complete the Online Taiwan Visa Application Form
  • Print it
  • Collect the required documents
  • Submit them at the Taiwanese diplomatic mission in person
    • They may also request an interview if they consider it necessary
  • Pay the Taiwan visa fee
  • Wait for the visa to be processed
  • Once processed, pick up your passport as instructed. You may request for the passport to be sent to you via post, in which case you must include a self-addressed envelope.

*Detailed explanation of the Taiwan visa application process.

Taiwan Visa Fees

The Taiwan visa fees change depending on the type of visa you apply for as well as where you are applying from. As such, the Taiwan visa fees are:

If applying at a Taiwan Diplomatic Mission Overseas:

  • Single-Entry Visitor Visa: US$50
  • Multiple-Entry Visitor Visa: US$100
  • Single-Entry Resident Visa: US$66
  • Multiple-Entry Resident Visa: US$132

If applying in Taiwan:

  • Single-Entry Visitor Visa: NT$1,600
  • Multiple-Entry Visitor Visa: NT$3,200
  • Single-Entry Resident Visa: NT$2,200
  • Multiple-Entry Resident Visa: NT$4,400

How Long Does it Take to Process a Taiwan Visa?

The processing time for a Taiwan visa depends on the country from which you’re applying, but it usually does not take long, varying from 2-10 working days from the time they receive your completed application. You should inquire with the Taiwan diplomatic mission through which you are applying to make sure.

Resident visas, on the other hand, may take longer.

What is the Duration of a Taiwan Visa?

A Taiwan Tourist only allows the holder to stay in Taiwan for a maximum of 90 days from the day of arrival. Some countries, however, have a shorter allowed time of stay in Taiwan (14, 30, or 60). The visa for Taiwan is valid for:

  • Up to three months, if you have a single-entry Taiwan visa
  • Up to five years, if you have a multiple-entry Taiwan visa

A Taiwan Resident Visa is also only valid for a single-entry and for only up to 3 months. However, once you enter Taiwan on a Resident Visa, you must apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and the Re-entry Permit to be allowed to stay long-term.

Can You Extend a Taiwan Visa?

Whether you can apply for a Taiwan visa extension depends on the type of visa you are issued.

If you receive a visa which states “No Extension Will Be Granted”, you may not apply for a visa extension, unless the Taiwan Bureau of Consular Affairs approves the request and changes your non-extendable visa to an extendable one.

If your visa does not state “No Extension Will Be Granted”, then you can submit a Taiwan visa extension application at a local office of the Taiwan National Immigration Agency.

Taiwan Entry Requirements for People’s Republic of China, Macau, and Hong Kong

Nationals of the PRC, Macau and Hong Kong need an Exit & Entry Permit before they can be allowed to travel in and out of Taiwan.

There’s the:

  • Single-entry Exit & Entry Permit, which is issued on an A4 paper.
  • Multiple-entry Exit & Entry Permit, which is in the form of a passport-size booklet.

Hong Kong and Macau citizens only need an Entry and Exit Permit if they have an HKSAR, MSAR or BN(O) passport. If they have another nationality or are living in another country, they are no longer subject to the Entry and Exit Permit since they’re not considered as “residents”. Instead, they’re subject to the visa requirements of their second country of nationality.

In addition to the Entry and Exit Permit Citizens of the People’s Republic of China are subject to a daily quota of visitors to Taiwan as well (14,600 persons per day, where half of the quota should go to individual tour applicants).

Taiwan Visa for US Citizens

If you are a US citizen and you intend to stay in Taiwan for a maximum of 90 days for the purpose of tourism, transit, social visit, or business, then you do not need to apply for a Taiwan visa.  Instead, you can travel with simply your passport, which must be valid for the duration of your stay. Your passport must also have at least one blank page for the entry and exit stamps.

On the other hand, if you intend to travel to Taiwan for working, studying, or another purpose that’s longer than 90 days, then you must apply for a Taiwan Resident Visa at a Taiwanese Diplomatic Mission in the US.

Taiwan Visa for Philippines Citizens

If you are a Philippine citizen, you can travel to Taiwan visa-free if you only intend to stay for up to 14 days – at least until July 31, 2020.  Taiwan was originally supposed to end Philippines ‘ visa-free travel on July 31, 2019, but extended it for another year. Until July 31, 2020, can travel to Taiwan with just their passport and a ticket proving they intend to depart the country once 14 days are up.

If you intend to stay longer than 14 days, you must apply for the relevant Taiwan Resident Visa (work, studying, family reunion, etc.) at a Taiwan Diplomatic Mission in the Philippines.