Sudan Visa

The Republic of Sudan is not considered a safe place due to the many conflicts that the country has. For many different reasons, different countries government’s advises their citizens not to travel to Sudan unless it is something very important they need to do there.

Foreign citizens who need to visit Sudan for unknown reasons can read the article below for further information regarding the Sudan visa policy, requirements, and travel tips.

Who Needs a Visa for Sudan?

Citizens of the following countries do not need a visa to enter and visit Sudan:

  • Egypt
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • Yemen
  • United Arab Emirates

Citizens of Saudi Arabia are exempted from the requirements of a Sudan visa if they visit the country for business purposes.

Other Visa Exemptions

Applicants of the following nations who fulfill the following criteria do not need a visa to enter Sudan:

  • Holders of diplomatic or official/service/special passports issued to the following nations do not need a visa to enter the country:
    • Algeria
    • Brazil
    • China
    • Republic of the Congo
    • Ethiopia
    • Iran
    • Namibia
    • South Sudan
    • Turkey
    • Vietnam
    • Holders of a diplomatic or special passport from the following countries may obtain a visa on arrival, valid for two months:
      • Benin
      • Burkina Faso
      • Central African Republic
      • Comoros
      • Ivory Coast
      • Djibouti
      • Eritrea
      • Gambia
      • Ghana
      • Guinea
      • Guinea-Bissau
      • Liberia
      • Libya
      • Mali
      • Mauritania
      • Morocco
      • Niger
      • Nigeria
      • Sao Tome and Principe
      • Senegal
      • Sierra Leone
      • Somalia
      • Togo
      • Tunisia
      How to Apply for a Sudan Visa? Applicants can use the following ways to apply for a Sudan visa:
      1. Apply at the port of entry.
      2. Apply at the embassy of Sudan.
      Apply at the Port of Entry A visa at the port of entry is issued to the following nationals:
      • Kenya
      • Malaysia
      • Turkey*
      *Citizens of Turkey must fly directly from Turkey to Sudan to obtain a visa on arrival.Applicants who want to apply for a Sudan visa on arrival must have a valid passport. Apply at the Embassy of Sudan To apply for a Sudan visa at the embassy or consulate of Sudan in your home country, follow these steps:
      1. Contact the nearest embassy or consulate of Sudan in your home country and book a visa appointment.
      2. Fill out the Sudan visa application form.
      3. Gather all the required documents. See ‘Sudan Visa Requirements’ for further information.
      4. Finish the visa application fee payment.
      5. Submit the requested documents.
      6. Wait until you receive a response from the embassy with your application visa result.

Sudan Visa Requirements

Here are the documents you need to submit to apply for a Sudan visa:

  • A valid passport for at least six months after the return date.
  • A Sudan visa application form that is fully completed and signed at the end.
  • A passport-sized photo in compliance with Sudan visa photo requirements, which must be  taken within the last six months.
  • A fee payment receipt.
  • A bank statement document. This document must prove that the applicant is financially stable and can financially support themselves while in Sudan.
  • A valid health insurance. Your health insurance should cover you for your whole stay in Sudan.
  • An accommodation proof. This document can be a rental agreement, a hotel reservation, or a letter of invitation from a friend or a family member.
  • A letter of invitation from a friend or relative.

Note: The embassy or consulate of Sudan may request other additional documents to support your visa application. However, keep in mind that any false or misleading information can lead to your visa denial.

Sudan Visa Processing Time?

The processing time for a Sudan visa is between four to six weeks. The embassy or consulate can extend the processing time if any document is missing.

However, you will receive a response within these weeks with your visa application result.

Duration of a Sudan Visa

The validity of a Sudan tourist visa is between one week to three months. However, for more reliable information, contact the embassy or consulate of Sudan once they issue you the visa.

Sudan Visa Fees

The visa application fee amount for a Sudan visa can change depending on several factors, such as:

  • The country you apply from.
  • Your age.
  • The visa type you are applying for.

So, for further information regarding the applicable visa fee amount you need to finish, contact the nearest embassy or consulate of Sudan in your home country.

Travel Tips

Here are some things you need to know before entering Sudan:

  1. Do not walk alone (night or day) since there are a lot of kidnappers.
  2. Do not take valuable things with you. Many scams can happen.
  3. Do not talk to strangers.
  4. Do not walk near police or military zones.
  5. Do not attend public gatherings; they can get violent.
  6. Do not trust anyone.
  7. Do not eat or drink in strange places.
  8. Do not travel by public transportation since it is very dangerous.
  9. Do not leave the house without taking precautions to protect yourself.
  10.  Do not leave your things, drinks, and food unattended.

Important: Remember that Sudan is facing a lot of problems in the country’s security due to many known reasons, so do not visit Sudan unless it is an extremely important thing you need to do.