Seychelles Visa

Located in the Indian Ocean, between 480 and 1,600 km from the east coast of Africa. The Republic of Seychelles is home to some of the best beaches in the world. Cristal’s clear water, sunny weather, delicious food, drinks, fun activities, and good company must be the perfect picture for an unforgettable vacation. And the fact that you do not need a visa to enter the country makes it even more perfect. Foreigners who want to visit the country and know more about it can read the article below.

Who Needs a Visa for Seychelles?

The Republic of Seychelles is a country that does not require visas for anyone who wants to enter the country expect for Kosovo passport holders. Since the Republic of Seychelles does not recognize the Republic of Kosovo, Kosovo passport holders are not allowed to enter the country without a visa. Everyone who wants to enter the country must obtain a permit at the port of entry.

Who Can Apply for a Seychelles Permit?

Foreigners who want to enter Seychelles must fulfill these criteria:

  • Must not be a prohibited immigrant.
  • Must not be a holder of a valid permit from a country that the Republic of Seychelles does not recognize.
  • Must hold a passport valid for at least six months after the return date.
  • Must have a confirmed accommodation place in the country.
  • Must be financially stable to cover all of their expenses during their stay in the country, at least $150 per day.
  • Must have written authorization from the Ministry of Health.
  • Must have a letter of invitation from a friend or a family member residing in Seychelles.

Duration of a Seychelles Permit

The duration of a Seychelles tourist permit is three months, granted at the port of entry. A tourist visa can be extended from three to twelve months if the applicant meets the required conditions.

Seychelles Residence Permit

A Seychelles residence permit allows its holder to stay longer than one year in the country. The residence permit is granted to applicants who fulfill these criteria:

  • They are not a prohibited immigrant.
  • They have a family or a relative residing in Seychelles.
  • They have contributed to the Seychelle’s economy, culture, and social life.
  • They are financially stable to cover all of their expenses.

Applicants who wish to apply for a residence permit must stay in Seychelles for at least five days for one year each month to obtain the residence permit. The applicant must continue to the Republic of Seychelles in any way possible, to the economy, the social and cultural life. The applicant must submit a bank guarantee of an amount of SCR 20,000.00 (approximately $1500) and allow the Chief Immigration Officer to draw the money if needed to cover any medical, care, treatment, and maintenance while in Seychelles.

Types of Seychelles Residence Permits

Here are all the types of Seychelles permits you can apply for:

  • Transit permit. A transit permit is issued to everyone who needs to transit through Seychelles to another country.
  • Tourist permit. A tourist permit is issued to foreigners who want to visit the country for sightseeing and tourism purposes.
  • Study permit. A study permit is issued to international students who want to study in Seychelles. The applicants must prove that they have been accepted to study in a country university and are financially stable to cover all the expenses while studying in Seychelles. Holders of a study permit are not allowed to work in Seychelles.
  • Work permit. A work permit allows its holder to work in Seychelles as an employer or as a self-employed person.

Why Should You Visit Seychelles?

A magical place like Seychelles has more than one, two, or three reasons to be visited. Since we can not include all of them; here are some important reasons why you should consider Seychelles when planning your next trip:

  • The Republic of Seychelles has some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world.
  • The weather is sunny almost the whole year around.
  • Find amazing places to go hiking and watch the sunset.
  • Explore the country and see unique animals and places.
  • You can visit two UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • Enjoy an unforgettable time at the Carnival of Seychelles.
  • Taste the amazing food and drinks that the locals make.
  • Learn about the Republic of Seychelles’s history, traditions, culture, and lifestyle.
  • There are a lot of activities you can do throughout the day and night.
  • There are direct flights from different parts of the world to Seychelles.