Montenegro Visa

If you plan on visiting Montenegro, you must check to see if you need a visa to enter the country. If you are exempt from the visa requirement, you can enter Montenegro with only your passport.

If you do need a visa to visit Montenegro, you can either apply for a short-stay visa or a long-stay visa, depending on how long you plan to stay and the reason you are applying.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Montenegro?

If you are a citizen from one of the following countries, you do not need a visa to visit Montenegro for 90 days within 180 days: 

  • Australia
  • El Salvador
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Azerbaijan
  • Hong Kong
  • Saint Lucia
  • Andorra
  • Honduras
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Iceland
  • Seychelles
  • Argentina
  • Israel
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • Malta
  • Brazil
  • Kuwait
  • South Korea
  • Bahamas
  • Mauritius
  • Timor-Leste
  • Barbados
  • Mexico
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Brunei
  • Moldova
  • Turkey
  • Costa Rica
  • Macau
  • Ukraine
  • Colombia
  • Malaysia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Canada
  • New Zeland
  • United states
  • Chile
  • Nicaragua
  • Uruguay
  • Dominica
  • Panama
  • The United Kingdom
  • Georgia
  • Paraguay
  • Vatican City
  • Grenada
  • Qatar
  • Venezuela
  • Guatemala
  • Somaoa
  • Vanuata

Citizens of nations listed below can stay in Montenegro for 30 days without a visa:

  • All EU Citizens
  • Kazakhstan
  • San Marino
  • Albania*
  • Monaco
  • Kosovo*
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina*
  • North Macedonia*
  • Serbia
  • Lichtenstein
  • Norway
  • Switzerland

*Can enter with just an ID Card or an ID Biometric Card.

Other Visa Exemptions

You are also exempt from applying for a visa to Montenegro if you are in one of the following categories:

You are a holder of Diplomatic or Service Passports from:

  • Armenia
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Guinea
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Mongolia
  • Morocco
  • North Korea
  • Pakistan
  • Tajikistan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Zimbabwe

A refugee is issued with a refugee travel document from one of the listed countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Iceland
  • Japan
  • New Zeland
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • The United States
  • EU member states

If you are a resident of the United Arab Emirates and can provide proof of accommodation or your return flight ticket, you are exempt from visa requirements.

You also don’t need a visa if you have a a passport or are issued a residence permit from Ireland, the US, the UK, or Schengen countries.

Types of Montenegro Visas

Here are all the Montenegro types of visas:

  • Airport transit visa (A).
  • Transit visa (B). 
  • Short-stay visa (C).
  • Long-stay visa (D). 

Airport Transit Visa (A)

An airport transit visa allows a foreigner to enter Montenegro for one or multiple transits. It is issued with a validity of three months. It does not allow you to leave the international airport of Montenegro, as long as you use your transit visa just to change flights from Montenegro to another country.

Transit Visa (B)

The transit B visa is issued for foreigners with one, two, or multiple transits. It has a validity of six months, and it allows you to enter Montenegro for five days. This visa can be issued individually or collectively. You need to provide proof that you have secured entry to the other country you plan to visit.

Short-Stay Visa (C)

A short-stay C visa allows a foreigner to visit Montenegro for 90 days within six months. It is issued for one or multiple entries. The C visa is issued more for tourism, business meetings, medical controls, etc. If you are given a multiple-entry short-stay visa, its validity is one year.

You can apply for a short-term visa individually or collectively. If you apply collectively, the validity of the visa is a maximum of 30 days.

Long-Stay Visa (D)

A long-stay D visa allows a foreigner to visit Montenegro for six months within one year. This visa is issued for one, two, or multiple entries.

The long-stay D visa is issued to a foreigner for the following reasons:

  • Work.
  • Study.
  • Bussines.
  • Medical treatment.
  • Seasonal work.
  • Study exchange.
  • Family reunion.
  • Humanitarian reason.
  • Scientific-research work. 

The foreigner family members are also allowed to stay in Montenegro, as long as they are holders of a diplomatic passport or official passports.

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Montenegro Visa Requirements

Submit these documents to apply for a Montenegro visa.

  • Valid passport. To apply for a Montenegro visa, your passport must be valid for at least six months after the return date. Include a copy of your previous visas (if any).
  • One passport-sized photo. The photo must be in colors, with a light background, and taken within the last six months.
  • Application form. Fully complete the application form online, print a hard copy, and sign it at the end. Do not leave any blank spaces.
  • Fee payment. Finish the fee payment for your visa application and attach the recipe to other requested documents.
  • Proof of travel health insurance. A document that proves that you have valid health insurance for as long as you plan to stay in Montenegro.
  • Bank statement. Your bank account statement is a document issued from your bank, and it must prove that you are financially stable and can finance yourself in Montenegro.
  • Proof of accommodation in Montenegro. This document could be an invitation letter from a member of your family or a friend, a hotel reservation, a rental agreement, etc.
  • Letter of invitation. The letter of invitation is a letter issued from your family members or a friend who is already living in Montenegro. It proves that you have a place to stay while being in Montenegro. (If applicable)
  • Booket round-trip flight itinerary. The flight itinerary is a document issued from the airport airline you plan to travel to. This document must include details of your flight, such as the date and flying time, including the return ticket. Your return ticket must prove that you plan on returning to your home country when your visa expires.

How to Apply for a Montenegro Visa?

To apply for a Montenegro visa, you must visit the consulate or embassy of Montenegro in your home country.  The application for a Montenegro visa is as follows:

  1. Visit the nearest embassy of Montenegro in your home country. Contact the nearest Embassy of Montenegro in your home country and book an appointment for your visa application. Make sure you attend your appointment on time.
  2. Fill out the application form. You can fill out the application form online, print a hard copy, and sign it at the end. Make sure you fill out the application form with your personal information. Do not leave any blank spaces because any empty spaces or false information can lead to your visa refusal.
  3. Finish the fee payment. After fully completing the application form, finish the fee payment. The payment should be made in cash and euros only at the embassy/consulate when submitting the documents. Make sure you attach the recipe to other requested documents.
  4. Gather and submit the visa documents to the Montenegro embassy. Make sure you gather all the requested documents and submit them to the nearest Embassy of Montenegro. Any missing document can lead to your visa refusal.
  5. Wait for a response. You shall receive a response within 14 days from the embassy or consulate to which you have submitted the documents.

How Long Does It Take to Process a Montenegro Visa?

The processing time of a Montenegro visa is 14 working days. However, the processing time depends on several factors, such as when you submit the application, if there are a lot of applicants applying at the same time, etc.

So depending on these conditions, the processing time can be extended to one month.

Validity of a Montenegro Visa

The validity of a Montenegro visa depends on your visa type. With a short-stay visa, you can stay in Montenegro for 90 days within 180 days. If you apply for a long-stay visa, you can stay in Montenegro for 365 days.

Montenegro Visa Fees

Depending on the type of visa you need to apply for or on your age, the Montenegro visa fees are as follows:

  • €35 for a transit A visa.
  • €35 for a transit B visa.
  • €35 for a short-stay C visa.
  • A long-stay visa fee depends on where you apply, so make sure you contact the embassy or consulate to which you plan to apply and ask them regarding the fee payment.

If Your Montenegro Visa Application Is Rejected

Visas can be rejected for different reasons, such as:

  • Your passport not being in good condition.
  • Your passport not being valid.
  • Your documents are incomplete.
  • You have provided false information.
  • You haven’t attended your visa appointment on time.

However, if your visa is rejected, you can:

  • Re-apply one more time for the same Montenegro visa.
  • Appeal your rejection – write an appeal letter to the embassy that refused your visa.

Obtaining a Residence Permit for Montenegro

A residence permit will enable you to stay longer than one year in Montenegro. However, depending on how long you plan to stay, you can apply for:

  • A temporary residence permit. 
  • A permanent residence permit. 

Temporary Residence Permit

If you plan on staying longer than six months in Montenegro, you can apply for a temporary residence permit. A temporary residence permit allows you to stay in Montenegro for a maximum of one year, and can be renewed/extended. The residence permit is issued for the same reasons as a long-stay visa (work, studies, family reunification, etc.)

Permanent Residence Permit

A permanent residence permit is issued to a foreign citizen who has been living in Montenegro for five years with a temporary residence permit. The permanent residence permit is issued for five years and is extendable indefinitely. This permit is issued for the same reasons as a temporary residence permit. 

Does Montenegro Have a Golden Visa?

A Montenegro golden visa is issued for wealthy people who want to invest in Montenegro. To apply for a golden visa, you must invest in one of several government-approved real estate development projects. The investment amount is from €250,000 to €450,000.

If you obtain a Golden Montenegro Visa, you have several benefits, such as

  • You can include your spouse and your children to the age of 18 under one family application.
  • You can apply for citizenship in Montenegro.
  • You are free to travel to Montenegro and other countries.
  • You can extend your business.

How Can I Apply for Montenegro Citizenship?

To apply for Montenegro citizenship by naturalization, you need to live in Montenegro for:

  • Five years with a temporary residence permit.
  • Five years with a permanent residence permit.

You are obligated to have a document proving that you have finished the language test of Montenegrin.

You have different other ways to apply for Montenegro citizenship, such as:

  • If you have Montenegro origins (parents, grandparents).
  • If you were born in Montenegro.
  • By applying for a golden (investment) visa.
  • By admittance.
  • By international treaties and agreements.

Is Montenegro in Schengen?

Montenegro is not a part of the Schengen Agreement. However, it is close to being part of the EU since it is on the waiting list. Even if it’s not a part of the Schengen Agreement, Montenegro has a similar visa policy to Schengen countries. In fact, if you have a residence permit issued by a Schenen country, you will also be allowed to enter Montenegro.