Hungary Visa

Citizens applying for a Hungary visa must fulfill the mandatory requirement of paying the required visa fee. Everyone except the people who are exempt from this requirement is obliged to pay the visa fee, or the visa application will be rejected.

Hungary Visa Fee List

The fees for a Hungary Visa are listed on the table below:

Schengen visa (short stay)€80
National visa (long-stay)€110
Children between the age of 6 to 12€40
The beneficiaries of the visa facilitation bilateral agreements signed by the European Union. (Russian Federation,Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cape Verde, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, NorthMacedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, and Georgia).
Kosovan citizens

*In case of visa refusal, the paid fee is non-refundable.

How to Pay the Hungary Visa Fee?

The fee for a Hungarian visa can be paid in one of the following ways:

  • At a diplomatic or consular mission.
  • At the NDGAP’s client service office.
  • Electronically (via NDGAP’s electronic information system).

The Hungary visa fee is paid in EUR or other convertible currency when you submit the application. In special cases, you can pay the fee in the legal tender of the state in which the application is submitted. The consulate will not charge you additional fees.

Who Is Exempt From Paying Hungary Visa Fee?

Applicants belonging to one of the following categories are exempt from paying the Hungary visa fee:

  • Children under the age of six.
  • School pupils, students, postgraduate students, and accompanying teachers who want to stay in Hungary for study or educational training.
  • Third-country researchers traveling for scientific research.
  • Representatives of non-profit organizations participating in seminars, conferences, sports, cultural or educational events organized by non-profit organizations.
  • Family members of the EU/EEA nationals.
  • Holders of diplomatic passports.

The Cost of Hungary Residence Permits

The fees for a Hungarian residence permit are presented on the table below:

Residence Permit for the Purpose of Family Reunification€110
Temporary Residence Permit
Residence Permit for the Purpose of Study€105
Residence Permit for the Purpose of Traineeship
Residence Permit for the Purpose of Employment
Residence Permit for the Purpose of Seasonal Employment
Residence Permit for the Purpose of Research
Residence Permit for the Purpose of Medical Treatment
Residence Permit for the Purpose of Job-searching or Entrepreneurship€125
Residence Permit for the Purpose of Visit€60

*The residence fees vary based on how you decide to pay your fee. The table above shows the residence fees for payments at the Hungarian diplomatic missions.

Residence Permit Extension (all types)€65